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Transforming Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry


Your smile is unique to you and it is a powerful asset in conveying your vitality and confidence. But sometimes, people can be self-conscious about their smiles because of irregularities in their teeth. This can get in the way of their willingness to share their smile with everyone. But with cosmetic dentistry, your smile can be improved and it will boost your self-esteem as well.

Teeth whitening is an effective way to rejuvenate your smile. Teeth can become stained with time as a result of tobacco use, dietary habits, ageing and the use of certain medications. But when you book a professional teeth whitening treatment, the cosmetic dentists will use powerful bleaching agents so that stains on the teeth can be brightened. This will help you achieve noticeably whiter teeth that is more youthful. You can choose take-home whitening trays that are prescribed by your dentist or you can choose in-office whitening. In-office whitening tends to have dramatic and fast results if you are looking for a big change. Just one session can make a big difference to your smile. Another way to cover stains and discolouration on teeth is to use dental veneers. These are also used to cover chips, gaps, misalignments and cracks on teeth. They are made from durable materials like composite resin or porcelain and they will seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth so that you can have a long lasting beautiful smile.

If you have missing teeth, your smile aesthetics

And dental function can be affected and as a solution, you can look into dental implants. They have titanium posts that serve as artificial tooth roots and they will fuse with the bone allowing the dentist to attach dental crowns to it. This will complete the restoration. These tend to function like natural teeth so that you have a stable solution for replacing teeth. Dental bonding is another cosmetic dentistry procedure where composite resin is used. With dental bonding, chopped or cracked teeth can be expertly repaired. If there are gaps between your teeth, they can be filled in. If you are self-conscious about irregularly shaped teeth, dental bonding can help reshape these so that you have an improved smile. The composite resin used in this process will be sculpted into the required shape and a curing light will be used to harden it.

You can easily straighten misaligned or crooked teeth with clear aligners.

This is an alternative option to traditional metal braces. These are made from clear plastic and they can be near invisible when you wear them. They are custom made to fit over your teeth and they will gradually move your teeth to the desired position. The beauty of clear aligners is that you can take them out when you eat and drink which is way more convenient compared to traditional braces. They are also a discreet option that you can use when going to office. If you are self-conscious about a gummy smile, you can look into gum contouring. This is where the proportions of your teeth and gums are balanced by removing excess gum tissue.

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