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Choosing a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company


Many restaurant fires are caused by kitchen exhaust system fires. This is why you need to have trained kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians to clean the system according to set standards. You have to prioritise selecting a contractor that is familiar with the work and carries the right certifications over cost.

The kitchen exhaust system includes the hood filters, fans, ductwork, kitchen exhaust shaft etc. and most of the system is actually hidden from your view. You have to select the right person to clean ensuring the safety of the occupants and the kitchen. The company you hire should be aware of the standards of the industry. It is best to select a contractor who will carry out a complete cleaning of the system. They should mention all the components of the system that will come under cleaning not limited to the hood and the filters. You can ask the cleaning company to provide proof of insurance as this will take the liability off you for any damages or injuries. Ask them about the qualifications they have. You may be able to find this on the official website.

Ask whether the cleaning company will document the process. They should take photos of the exhaust system prior to cleaning and right after. There should also be a written report submitted mentioning all the work done. This will also specify any work that was not done during the cleaning and the reason for it. Some areas can be inaccessible. Before you decide on a company, ask if you can see some of their previous documentation to get an idea of the level of cleaning provided. You can also ask them to provide you with references for previous clients so that you can get in touch with them. The documentation should include the date of inspection and the name of the person who has performed the cleaning. This should also be detailed on a sticker and pasted on the hood including the name of the company that has done the service.

Look for an exhaust cleaning company that works 24/7 so that you will be able to contact them after working hours. You can also check if they offer any discounts for future services undertaken with them. Ask potential companies about the cleaning materials and the pieces of equipment used. It is best to get a detailed explanation of how their cleaning process is carried out. This will provide you with the assurance that they take their job seriously. You will also need to know the standard when it comes to exhaust cleaning so you know when they deviate from the norm. Check with friends and family whether they have obtained the services of a kitchen exhaust cleaning company. They will be able to give you a first-hand account of the experience. The cleaning company should also guide you and your staff members on how to take care of the exhaust system.  You will be able to minimise any accidents by ensuring the hood vent system is properly maintained.

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