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How to Make Your Home Pool Safe for Children


Swimming pools offer great fun for children and pets but you need to make sure they are supervised when they are in the pool or in the vicinity of the pool. It is very easy for a child to clip away from the attention of an adult and come to harm if there is a swimming pool in the house. They are very curious about pools and it can be difficult to get them to follow your instructions of not visiting the pool without supervision. So you need to make sure that you take adequate safety measures to keep the children safe.

Swimming pools need to be fenced in to prevent children from falling in. There are companies that carry out pool inspections such as Inspect Pool Safe Melbourne. You can hire such a company to routinely check the safety measures of the pool. They will be able to make recommendations regarding your situation as well. It is not just your home that you have to be vigilant with your child. You need to be extremely vigilant when you visit a friend’s or family member’s house that has a pool. Make sure you ask them about the safety precautions and check whether the fence is locked. When installing a fence, you need to make sure that it can’t be climbed. To ensure this, avoid any foothold or handholds on the fence. Also, make sure there are no lawn furniture around that a child can climb onto and climb over the fence. You need to carefully examine the surroundings of the pool and the perimeter of the fence to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The space between two slats in the fence should be minimized to ensure that a small child can’t squeeze through it. The latch to the gate should be well out of reach of a child. Make sure that this gate is self-closing and self-latching so that it never remained unlocked. When the pool is not used, you can lock the gate. You can keep a key for this in addition to the self-latching mechanism. Sometimes children try to get to toys that were previously left around the pool. So you need to pick up all the toys out of the pool area so that there is no temptation for the child.

There should be additional security such as gate alarms, door alarms and pool covers. Alarms will alert you whenever a gate or door has been opened. Make sure that if the alarm is battery operated, it is supplied with fresh batteries. You can also connect it to the existing wiring of the house and keep a backup battery in the case of a power outage. This way, the alarm will never be disconnected and you can rest easy knowing that you will be alerted immediately. Swimming pool alarms can detect motion on the water surface. You can use touchpads for the gate alarms so that the adults can access the pool without having the alarms go off. Put window guards on the windows facing the pool. Pool covers should cover the entirety of the pool so that there is no risk of a child slipping under the cover.

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